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John Sattler, CPC, Career Solutions provides superior-quality career services for professionals of all types. We are a boutique firm committed to integrity and excellence in helping our individual clients make lucrative advancements in their careers. By “boutique,” we mean small and nimble with an emphasis on personalized, collaborative delivery of service.

Prior to founding this company, John Sattler was an executive recruiter for 14 years. During that time, John learned that he and other recruiters were able to place only a tiny fraction of the 1000+ professionals who contacted them each year. This remains true for all 3rd party recruiters (headhunters, if you will).  In addition, the job search process was and is changing rapidly. Social media alone has had a huge impact, forcing candidates to prepare themselves in ways inconceivable in the past.  As a result, there were – and are – many highly-qualified, talented professionals who needed help. Expertise and the proper guidance can and will have a huge payoff for a professional seeking his or her next career move.

JSCS offers Professional Résumés, LinkedIn® Profiles, Letters, Coaching Services, and more powerful tools with which to prepare for your job search. You may be surprised to learn that close to FIFTY PERCENT of our clients are employed when they first come to us. Why? Proactivity is a winner’s inoculation to failure. It is the optimal scenario. However, whether you’re between jobs, currently employed, or know your company is posturing for a layoff, we will work with you to give you the peace of mind that comes with putting your best self forward – the confidence that comes with being fully prepared. You will always receive Prompt, Professional, and Polite Service from us. 

John Sattler, CPRW, CPC


Professional Résumé Writing:
Expert, cutting-edge résumé writing for today’s professional. Aesthetically pleasing, compelling, and powerful. We meet you exactly where you are, junior, mid-level, senior business executives and other professionals, including not-for-profit.

LinkedIn® Profile Preparation:
Thorough, professional, 100% complete LinkedIn® Profile preparation. A must for effective job search because it enables you to be found by hiring managers anytime, all the time. We also add enhancements not possible on a static résumé.

Job Search Assistance: Your choice of 2 Plans Available:
WE FISH FOR YOU (WF): We conduct the job search for you. You need not become engaged until interview activity begins. Imagine! How long have you been thinking about making a change? Now, you can carry on your normal day-to-day life with the confidence, peace, and relief of knowing your job search is going full force – all in confidence, of course.

WE TEACH YOU TO FISH (YF): We will show you, step-by-step, how to conduct a pro-level job search, then support you while you apply what you’ve learned. This plan is for those who love to learn, are coachable, and have approximately 15 hours a week  (10 during business hours) to devote to the plan. A background in sales can be helpful but not required.

Email: sales@jesattlermanagement.com
Call Today: 727-219-0240

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Our clients are employed by The Fortune 100/500/1000 and other globally recognized companies:







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