executive biographies

Executive Biographies

At a certain point in your career, an Executive Biography becomes essential. It is utilized to both present and market yourself and is appropriate for many forums and situations. As part of your portfolio, think of your Executive Bio as a tool to create an impressiona first impression – in many cases. It is also a very visual-oriented document, in other words, it must be pleasing to the eye and include a photograph. This is only a partial list of uses and forums for this powerful tool:

>Trade Shows
>Press Releases
>Media Relations
>Executive Recruiters
>Speaking Engagements
>Advetorial / Print Media
>Business Partner Introductions
>Promote Yourself as a Consultant
>Introduction to Boards of Directors

Call for pricing : 727-219-0240 (tax deductible)

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career coaching strategy

Career & Job Search Coaching

We solve problems – and now that your documentation “platform” is in order – Resume, Cover Letter, LinkedIn® Profile, and Bio – you may need help networking, finding companies, talking to headhunters, and interviewing, among other things. The  job search process can be boiled down to 5 basic steps: Source job leads, Apply for jobs, Interview for jobs, Respond to job offers, and Negotiate Compensation. The more work you put into steps 1 and 2, the easier and smoother steps 3, 4, and 5 become.

If we think about it, finding a fulfilling job is very much like achieving our optimal weight. First, it is always on our minds. Second, there is a whole industry offering us advice that really doesn’t work (not to mention there is way too much of it).  Third, a few basic things done consistently and done well does work.  Fourth, it directly affects our health. Fifth, there are no shortcuts. And, finally, our odds of success diminish greatly if we try to do it alone.

Individual Coaching Sessions – One Hour Each

Session 1:   Scrap what you “know” and get creative – Common sense job search
Session 2:   How to find and communicate with companies of your choice

Session 3:   How to find and communicate with executive recruiters (headhunters)

Session 4:  LinkedIn® I: Basics for a Powerful Job Search
Session 5:  LinkedIn® II: Leveraging LinkedIn® for a Powerful Job Search

Session 6:   Interviewing: What you need to know / Do’s and Don’ts / Following up
Session 7:   Interviewing: Role playing

Call for Pricing: 727-219-0240 (tax deductible)

Order: sales@jesattlermanagement.com (we will respond promptly) or Call: 727-219-0240
 our “Career Packages” page for packaged pricing

Coaching modules are done via live voice. Collateral material will be emailed ahead of your session.
Sessions can be taken 1 at a time in any order. There is no minimum, you can order just 1 session or all 6 if you choose.

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