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Blog SimpleJob Search Tools: You are Smart to keep it Simple

John Sattler, CPC

There are many, many job-search related websites, blogs, online tools, and app’s available. Too many, in my opinion. It reached the point of overwhelming long ago. Every day I help executives with their job searches and, frankly, I get overwhelmed. This scenario, however, is great for my business because it created demand for a personalized, one-stop-shop for job search help. Cutting through the clutter and delivering to my customers a job search experience vs. a transfer of information has served us both well.
When it comes to “job search tools”, it seems there is much less attention being paid to the “job search” part compared with the intense, ubiquitous focus on the “tools” part. This is fueled by massive amounts of seed money and a media ecosystem with insatiable demand for fresh content. Today, I read a blogger who recommended 5 “can’t live without” info-organizing app’s for job search. Yes, 5. And all esoteric, IMHO! I’m sorry, if you are a serious job seeker, you want to be spending your time and energy engaging headhunters and hiring managers, not perpetually learning and playing with new app’s.
My experience has taught me to limit the number of job search tools to a select few and then learn to use them very well. When I do decide to utilize a new tool, I have good reason and carve out the time to learn best practices. Why? Because job search is first and foremost about utilizing your time and resources to engage headhunters and hiring authorities (worth repeating, right?). Everything else merely supports that effort.
Here is a basic set up for an effective job search:
1. LinkedIn: Set up a full profile and, for $19.95 month-to-month, purchase a premium account so you have access to the Profile Organizer. You can manage most of your job search from here. Since most of your time should be spent reaching out to and engaging people who can influence your job search, this is the main place to do it.  Also, set up a job posting email alert in the “jobs” section. What I love about LinkedIn job postings is they usually show who posted the job and how many people have applied.
LinkedIn will help you find, connect, engage, and keep track of most of the hiring managers, headhunters, and other people relevant to your  job search.
2. Indeed: FREE – This site is an aggregator that scours the major job boards and doesn’t inundate you with junk mail and advertising, Post your resume and set up a job posting alert.
3. Linkup:  FREE – This is an aggregator that scours company websites for job listings. Like Indeed, it is a very clean site and doesn’t force you to give up oodles of information. Set up a job posting alert.
4. Twitter: FREE – The more you use this site the more you will embrace its sheer brilliance. I am a recent convert. So far (and I’ll probably be criticized for saying this) I don’t get the impression that it is used by as many people as I originally thought. Therefore, it is a great tool to find and send relevant items of interest to potential hiring managers and other people in your network. This is a place for cutting edge news and information; it can help position you ahead of the pack. It also has job postings. Set up an account, start following, and start tweeting. (I will be blogging more on this site as it relates to job search)
5.Executnet: FREE – Recruiters vet this site – it is a good place for visibility.You are going to get some solicitations and junk mail but it’s worth the visibility. Set up a profile.
(you may want to consider purchasing a month-to-month membership, as they have unique job listings. Wait a month or so to see how your job search is going)
Now you are set! Hiring managers and headhunters can now find you 24/7/365. You can find and reach out to most anyone you can think of relevant to your job search. You are on top of cutting-edge news you can share. You are receiving regular emails with relevant job postings. You are off to a great start. And don’t forget, Google is your friend.


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