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Meaningful LinkedIn Endorsements

by John Sattler

There has been much talk about the new LinkedIn endorsement system – enabling 1st connections to give and receive endorsements for individual skills – too much which defines these endorsements as “meaningless”. I don’t agree.

LinkedIn has in excess of 130M members (Q3/2012 report). Since the new endorsement system was introduced in September, over 500M endorsements have been given. There are 50 endorsement categories allowed per profile.

I run a business who’s marketing platform is 90% word-of-mouth. The recommendations and endorsements I receive must have substance or they would have a damaging effect on my credibility, not to mention bottom line.

So I’ve come up with a solution.

At the bottom of the summary section on my LinkedIn Profile you will see this: NOTE: All ENDORSEMENTS below are from clients who have purchased services from me or recruiters who have referred clients to me.

Those that aren’t, I do not make visible.

If you own a business you can try something similar. If you are in job search mode, try this: NOTE: ALL ENDORSEMENTS below are unsolicited and from colleagues, coworkers, and other professionals.

Some may not see this solution as a panacea, but at least it addresses the issue. That the harshest critics of LinkedIn’s endorsement system are employed by organizations fueled by paid advertising is not lost on me.

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