“I am proof that John’s programs work, as I moved from a Director role to COO with a great company. If you are a busy Executive considering a targeted, customized job search help,  I encourage you to engage John’s services.” Phillip K., Tampa, FL 




Executive Résumés

No other document will have more of an impact on your career,  income, happiness, day-to-day life experience, the people around you…more



LinkedIn® Profiles

Think of the website LinkedIn® as a magnet, which attracts recruiters and hiring managers to you 24/7/365…more



executive biographies

Executive Biographies

At a certain point in your career, an Executive Biography becomes essential…more



career coaching strategy

Career Coaching

We solve problems…more



career packages

Career Packages (Bundled Pricing)

Save money and time by purchasing services in packages (bundles)…more



career services

Corporate Services

Coming soon!

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