“I have averaged 2 job interview requests per week since you updated my LinkedIn profile. I am not ready to go anywhere just yet but the interest is great. Definitely makes me feel more secure.” Dan R., Boston, MA  


LinkedIn® Profiles – Get set up on LinkedIn®!


Think of LinkedIn®  as a magnet. It attracts people to you – relevant to your purposes – 24/7/365. That is the bottom-line beauty of LinkedIn®, it is the only website that provides a forum for business professionals to find other business professionals and communicate with them in an unobtrusive way. It is a great job search tool – probably the most powerful in existence or that has ever existed. Your LinkedIn® profile is, basically, your resume with enhancements. It exceeds the power of a resume because it allows you to tell a more complete, well-rounded story about yourself. In addition, you can add samples of your work, display endorsements and recommendations, and join a number of professional groups. This site is used extensively by Executive Recruiters, Hiring Managers, Business Owners, and Human Resource Departments to find talent. Regarding job search, this is the crucial point about LinkedIn®: it is a place where Recruiters, Hiring Managers, HR departments, and Business Owners can find you.

Mobile devices. Many hiring managers now carry smartphones and/or tablets everywhere they go. LinkedIn® has a special app for smartphones which allows people to browse the site and read profiles easily on these devices. This gives you a huge advantage as a job candidate. Your profile can be accessed anywhere on the planet – 24/7.

What you receive:

1. Phone Consultation
2. A 100% Complete LinkedIn® Profile
3. Basic Instruction on How to Manage your Profile Page
4. Unlimited Email Support

Call for Pricing: 727-219-0240 (tax deductible)
Check ourCareer Packages” page

Order: sales@jesattlermanagement.com 

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1. Why and how are you uniquely qualified to prepare my LinkedIn® profile?
Our knowledge base comes from experience as ex-recruiters and professional writers. We know what to include and what to avoid. A professionally prepared LinkedIn® Profile will greatly help Recruiters, Hiring Mangers, and Business Owners find you 24/7/365. Please refer to “Testimonials”

2. Can I talk to someone first before I order?
Absolutely. We find most people like to talk with a “human being” when it comes to inquiring about having their LinkedIn® profile professionally prepared. This is your career and we consider it very serious business. Please contact us.

3. What is your process?
We prepare LinkedIn®  profiles as part of a Career Package that includes a résumé . We work from your résumé and add additional information above and beyond what is possible to express or fit on a résumé. We will make adjustments to address your privacy issues and instruct you on how to manage your page.

4. How long does it take?
It normally takes 2 business days with an existing résumé and 5-7 starting from scratch or with an old résumé.

5. Do I have input on the final draft?
Absolutely. Once your LinkedIn® profile is complete, we will notify you, and we will go over it with you.

6. Do I need both a Résumé and a LinkedIn® profile?
Yes, because they are used for different purposes. A LinkedIn® profile both maximizes your professional “reach” and attracts relevant people to you. Please refer to Career Packages  for package pricing.

8. What payment types do you accept?
We accept checks by mail and all forms of payment through PayPal.

9. How do I get started?
Order: sales@jesattlermanagement.com  (we will respond promptly) or Call Today: 727-219-0240 

Job Search expenses are tax deductible. Ask your tax-preparation professional for details.

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